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Meet Vincent Van Gogh

Meet Vincent Van Gogh is a ground breaking multi-sensory experience developed by The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Opening in Beijing in May 2016, the experience sets the stage of Vincent's early life through to his death in 1890. Visitors are taken on a journey of the sights and sounds that inspired him; through the wheat fields of Northern France, the famous Yellow House where Vincent's turbulent relationship with Gauguin reached its tragic climax, and the asylum where he produced some of his most haunting work.


Woven within the theatrical set works of the exhibition are a number of large scale, immersive audio visual scenes. Visitors are led through the key moments of the artist's life by our narrator, Vincent's sister-in-law Jo, and -using extracts from his own words- Vincent himself. Working in close collaboration with the exhibition designers, Elbow created all of the audio visual elements of the show, drawing on re-construction, beautifully shot location footage, animation and evocative sound scapes.

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