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Pendennis Castle | English Heritage

“Enemies on the Horizon”, a permanent exhibition at Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, re-creates the tension of a call to action in the Tudor Gun Keep, using multiple immersive projections and intense soundscapes split over two levels.


Imagine a small poorly paid local militia standing watch at the edge of the harsh Atlantic sea night and day, for years on end, in anticipation of an invading Armada which never comes. One day under cover of darkness three ships approach the Carrick Roads flying no flags. Is this the advance guard they were anticipating or a false alarm? When in doubt fire first, ask questions later!


Working closely with English Heritage and exhibition designers Simon Leach Design, Elbow created a tense 7 minute drama where visitors witness this story played out with shadowy figures of the gunners scrambling to defend Henry VIII’s imposing coastal fortress. With 4 projection surfaces and 12 channels of sound spread over two floors this immersive presentation takes the visitor to the heart of the action where they experience the dilemma of firing on they know not what...

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