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Bletchley Park | The Intelligence Factory

Following on from our successful collaborations with the Trust on their original revamp and several temporary exhibitions, we were invited back to Bletchley to work on their latest major exhibition, sited in Block A.

The Intelligence Factory is the largest exhibition space at Bletchley and focuses on the operations on site from 1942 to 1945. The visitor experience begins with an impactful double screen rear projected film combining animation, historic footage and newly shot silhouettes, building tension and providing an entry point for the rest of the exhibition.

An immersive soundscape permeates the entire visitor journey punctuated by audio exhibits featuring both oral histories and newly recorded interviews with specialists at GCHQ, the National Crime Agency and BAE Systems. Elsewhere several archive films were created as well as two newly shot films, collaborating with GCHQ and the Royal Navy. Through these we explore the challenges and opportunities of modern day technology in contrast to the methods used at Bletchley. The final room houses another large rear projection film with bespoke soundscape and scoring.


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