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Bletchley Park | Block C

Elbow created several AVs and soundscapes at Bletchley Park; once Britain's best kept secret and Home of the Code-breakers. The installation includes two 5m wide immersive films introducing the role of Bletchley Park during the second world war, projected onto the bricks of one of the enormous purpose-built blocks that housed the code-breakers.


Elsewhere on site, two reconstructed office huts are brought to life. As visitors roam the corridors they're given glimpses of projected characters working at their desks. Short audio plays fill the huts with life, and information about the intelligence processes at work during the war. In the outdoor space, a low-level atmospheric soundscape conjures up the Park of the 1940s – an industrious landscape, teeming with people - full of chatter, and traffic, and music.

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